We keep your customers happy with bilingual customer service at a fraction of the cost of operating in the US

Keep your customers engaged

Technical, pre and post-sale, billing and booking support are essential to customer retention.

Keep your customers buying

Integrated phone, chat, web, and social media support reduce sales friction and keep customers buying.

Keep your churn down

Providing easy to reach, multi-channel post-sale support helps minimize churn.

Are your customers getting the best support possible?

Growing pains are generally a sign of rapid growth but can lead to lost business. Having a partner that knows your products and services will keep your customers happy, engaged and buying.

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There's a better way to keep in contact with your customers.

Whether you sell physical or digital products or services, you need to stay connected to your customers when and how they want.
Call Center Support

Calls, chat and ticketing can be the bottleneck that breaks you or the revenue source that makes you. It’s your choice.

Social Integration

Modern contact center management requires a multi-channel approach. Customers want to reach you when and how they want. Time to modernize.

Technology Augmentation

Customers expect the efficiency that technology provides but without sacrificing personality. We use technology to augment, not replace our people.

We help you reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

“FarMar has been an incredible for LaserAway’s business in every aspect. Their management, recruitment and response is quick and efficient. They allow for hands on screening, training, and communication direct from us to dedicated representatives, which has allowed us to select and cultivate agents to our standards and expectations. “


“As a provider of government regulated services, our business is subject to a myriad of complex rules that our customer service agents must understand and communicate daily. This steep learning curve has always made outsourcing challenging, but Farmar’s experience within similarly regulated industries has has allowed us to scale up our operations quickly and without sacrificing quality of service.”


“FarMar’s expertise in the civil litigation process has helped us grow our legal practice without having to recreate processes from scratch. We’ve been able to significantly increase revenues with a more robust non-legal strategy and they work seamlessly with our internal processes when litigation becomes necessary, supporting us at every step in the process.”


We can have you up and running fast.

Our onboarding and integration process consists of 3 simple steps.
Needs Analysis

Complete our onboarding interview with our sales consultant.

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We’ll outline what areas we can be of service in and associated pricing.


Once we have an agreement we’ll begin to integrate the business units you choose with our teams.